Areas of Competition and Criteria

Interview:30% (Private/Forum 20%, On Stage 10) 

Private/Forum- Judges will be in a room, you will enter room with 1 or more other delegates, and sit in chairs in front of the judges. Each judge will have the opportunity to question each girl individually, then as a group.

Criteria:Overall First Impression (Beauty) Confidence and Commanding Presence, Communication skills (Speech, Vocabulary, Grammar), Personality and Context of Answers.

 On Stage: Will take place on the stage each delegate will appear on stage individually and answer questions submitted by the judges. This could be a question they wanted to follow up on, or a question they didn’t get to ask during the interview but wanted to. It could also a general question. (i.e. What is your ideal of a perfect weekend?)

Criteria: Sense of Confidence and Composure, Communication skills (Speech, Vocabulary, Grammar).

Swimsuit: 35%

Each delegate will appear on stage in her choice of a one or two piece swimsuit (No throngs allowed) (Example at in back of handbook, however you are not bound to the styles shown, they are only to give you an idea

Criteria: Overall First Impression (Beauty), Physical Fitness, Confidence and Composure, Display of Energy, Charisma, and Expression.

Evening Gown: Delegates will appear on stage in her choice of evening gown, remember all evening gowns MUST be registered with the state pageant office.

Criteria: Overall First Impression (Beauty) Poise and Sense of Confidence, Personality and Stage Presence, Sense of Style and Appropriateness of Gown.

Wardrobe Examples